MoJo Photo Depressed Girl from Mike's Animation


Yea, we all know our fast-paced world can create feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and even depression. However, the BIG NEWS is our MoJo Method can annihilate those feelings. Speak with one of our MoJo Coaches who formerly declared “I have so much to do that I can’t breathe” and “I have a Black Cloud over me and I’m depressed!” Start the discussion today…

Hoard No More Photo (Before) Girl Sqeezed by Hoard

OCD, Clutter & Organizational Challenges

A knickknack here, a garage sale there, and suddenly your house looks like the final scene from Nicolas Cage’s film National Treasure.  We offer coaching to FREE people from their emotional attachments to their items and clear out the clutter in both their home and head, simply Contact Us to set up an appointment.

MoJo Photo Going Away to College

Empty Nest

Can you remember the first day of school when your little one was full of fear & anxiety when leaving Mommy to jump on the school bus? Freshman send-off was only a few weeks/months ago…has that fear & anxiety now shifted to you? Find peace and celebrate this new family dynamic with our guidance. More…

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