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In the meantime, here are some highlights/tips from my 3 Proven Strategies To “Punt Procrastination” video series:

You see, when we procrastinate, we sabotage our ability to make any progress toward our goals and dreams.   We come to a screeching halt and become paralyzed.
So ask yourself, how does it feel when you realize that you’renot moving forward toward achieving the clutter-free life you want?   You say to yourself:  “I’ve been thinking about doing this for 3 years and I haven’t done anything yet!”   

This state of Stagnation can make us feel sluggish, dreary, lethargic and apathetic, no matter how safe and secure our current situation may seem.
Most people stay in the same situations, and the same state of mind, for the majority of their lives. There’s a hypnotic attribute to familiar routines. You know what I mean…it’s like you’re hypnotized:  you wake up, go to work, come home, and do the same routine on a daily basis year after year.   Ground hog day has now become your life!!!!

The good news is … you know that you’re stuck, and by listening to what I’m sharing in this email, you’re already causing things to shift. Change can only come after a shift. As soon as we are made aware of something, we can never ‘not know better.’

Pssst, now listen closely… over several consecutive “MoJo Mondays” I’m gonna share my proven magical steps to “punt procrastination” and here is the 1st of the series:

The ultimate key to breaking this hypnotic and habitual loop of procrastinat ion is overriding our natural everyday thoughts.

This is uncomfortable at first ONLY because it’s different for you, but it must be done to successfully move toward achieving your goals and dreams.

Now you may be asking how do I do this???  So let the coaching begin…

Henry Ford once said “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” So now let’s expand the boundaries of the words ‘I Can.’

The I Can is much more important than the IQ. The I Can is the belief in infinite possibility that resides deep within you, that is your soul and spirit seeking to express itself and expand within you. It pulls you like a powerful MAGNET to express your magnitude, your magnificence, and the miracle called YOU, which frees you to share your gifts with the world.

When you question why you’re stuck, some reasons you might come up with are:

~ I don’t know where to start
~ I don’t have the time.
~ I don’t have the money
~ I don’t know how.

Whenever I’m feeling fearful or don’t have the energy and I’m procrastinating and want to give up, (which BTW will happen to you too!) I say this motto 5 times to myself.  “I can figure this out too.”

Suddenly I access energy reserves I never knew I had and I plow through the procrastination.  So I invite you to use my motto to help you move toward your goals and dreams, it’s very powerful and it works!!!!

As you conjure up all the roadblocks and challenges in your way, you might begin to feel a bit powerless in reaching your dream.

I’m here to remind you that you ARE supremely powerful, and that you already have all the ability you need in order to make your dreams a reality. You have infinite potential to be, create, and achieve whatever you desire.  It’s all within you NOW.

There are three important lessons to be learned to achieve your goals and dreams:

First is that it’s all within you now.  It’s an inside game.  Once youbelieve it, you will see it come to fruition.  But you first have to believe in yourself and not let those “dreaded doubts” and your negative “monkey mind” tell you that you’re not good enough, not smart enough or brave enough to achieve what you set out to achieve.

Second is no matter how little the resources you have to work with, you can immediately get started.  The key is to focus on what you DO have at your disposal, and do what you can with what you have.

Third is as long as you take the first few steps with unwavering faith and a steadfast commitment to the attainment of your goals and dreams, that’s when things miraculously and magically begin to fall into place.

You see 80% of what stops human beings is their psychology.  The secret “decoder-ring” unveils that beneath all Procrastination is one single thought: “I don’t think I can, so I don’t do!” 

So the key to success is to believe you can and simply take the first step.  Then momentum takes over.

The above is just a fraction of Strategy #1 on how to override our natural everyday thoughts and I can only cover so much via email…so to dig deeper on this topic, be sure to listen to the 3 videos inside our Clutter-Free Academy under the “Core 301” tab; and if you’re not a member yet, enroll now at:  www.ClutterFreeAcademy.org.

In the meantime, we’re sending you MoJo’lcious Love,