As most of you know, Steve & I are always bringing new strategies to teach our tribe of loyal followers, and we just returned from a 4-Day Conference where we learned “high performance” strategies that take you from where you are to the next level (no matter what your starting point)!

While I was sitting in the conference room of this event, I immediately thought of how I can share a strategy I learned to guide you all on a popular question I frequently get asked.  Many of you have told me you struggle with fulfilling your purpose in life, so here are 3 questions to ask yourself to serve as a POWERFUL guide:

1- Did I live?  Do you wake up every morning grateful to be alive?  Are you sharing your God-given gifts with your family/friends/colleagues/neighbors/church family, and with the community at large?  Are you engaging in activities/hobbies that you LOVE to do?  Are you sharing your days with people you like/love?

2- Did I love?  Our relationships are the key to our happiness.  So many of us are “afraid” to love again due to a past hurt or loss of a loved one (I know this one all to well since I’m divorced from a husband who had an affair, and both my parents are deceased), but all those hurts are in the past, and we are now living in the present moment.  So listen up folks…this advice is vital to remember: Depression lives in the past, anxiety lives in the fear of the future, and the present moment is the only place we can experience true JOY.  So I invite you to focus on the present moment and connect with the people in your life in the HERE & NOW.  And if you don’t have many people in your life, I invite you to engage in your hobbies that bring you joy and surround yourself with like-minded folks and before you know it you have a new tribe of friends to share laughter and love with!

3- Did I matter?  We all have special gifts to share with the world and I invite you to turn the telescope inward and discover your gifts.  Now SHARE them.  Contribution to others brings such a true sense of PURPOSE to our lives.  When you can share your gifts with others, you MATTER!!!  You make a HUGE impression on others through service, and in our families you can share a legacy to be passed down through generations to come.  So I encourage you to share your bountiful gifts with the world and before you know it….you’re living a MoJo’licious life!!!!

Coment below and let me know how you are going to LIVE, LOVE & MATTER….!

In the meantime, we’re sending you MoJo’licious Love,


In the meantime, we’re sending you MoJo’lcious Love,