Our Raving Fans Found Their MoJo…


Staff at Modern Concepts Salon:


Cindy Marvin / Operations Administrator

Cindy Marvin

“I can’t thank you enough MoJo Life Coaches. A past burden that troubled my heart and negatively impacted my life for over 30 years has finally been lifted. With your knowledge, understanding and loving guidance you have given me the ability to shed the old baggage and have given me the chance to empower my life and see my world with wonderful gratitude. You have taught me invaluable new skills to bring happiness and abundance back into my life. I am forever grateful to you! Many blessings are being sent your way!”

Lisa Frazer / Mother of 2 Teenagers

Lisa Frazer

Dear Steve & Elaine,
You are absolutely phenomenal!!! The great advice you gave me literally melted me on the phone and my body started to transform as we spoke. Butterflies and all kinds of feelings were rushing thru my heart & body!!!

I think you are absolutely astounding at what you do. I truly mean it.
I can’t thank you enough for taking the time from your busy schedule to speak with me.

Everything is so profound. So incredible. So wonderful. I’d talk to you everyday if I could.

You inspire me, encourage me and make me feel again. You make me feel things that got lost.
But let me tell you…. The new Lisa is back and I’m gonna attack !!! Start out light and then work up to it. When we hung up I did exactly what you do. And it felt so amazing to me. I’m going to do this with my kids. Especially the oldest who has difficulties showing his affection.

I love ya MoJo Life Coaches for everything. I truly do. You rock! And my world is going to be rocked and ultimately the best it can possibly be!!!!!

I’m forever grateful!!!!

Dr. Rachael Bowman, PHD / Diagnostician

Dr. Rachael Bowman, PHD

MoJo Life Coaches has helped me apply strategies in my own life that have made difficult situations in my life more manageable. Your ability to relate to others and provide insight into such personal situations, is priceless! Thank you Steve & Elaine for helping me “turn a corner” in regards to my personal life!

Carol Beatson / Food Service Supervisor, George Mason University

Your coaching was exactly what I needed to lift myself out of the mire.

Hi Steve…

I just wanted to thank you and dear Elaine for leading me back on track. It has been seven years of a slow steady spiral downward. I am not sure when that spiral would have completed… and thanks to you and “Lanie” I will not have to find out. I love how the Holy Spirit works to get His job done. No matter what means He chooses for us, it is our responsibility to accept it and be thankful. And I am very thankful!!!!

Your coaching was exactly what I needed to lift myself out of the mire. My prayer for you both is that you are extremely successful with this coaching company, and that many will be blessed by your knowledge and enthusiasm.

May God bless you MoJo Life Coaches

Anna S. / Former School Teacher

Because of your coaching, I’m now focused on steps forward and how to get to my goals.

Dear Steve & Elaine,

I feel truly blessed to have you in my life!

As you know through our many conversations, I’ve had overwhelming challenges over the past 6 years. Life WAS a jumbled mess!! Losing my job and selling my dream home were not easy pills to swallow and these unfortunate circumstances made me scared and sad, and severely impacted my livelihood and lifestyle.

You both have spent countless hours listening to me when I’ve felt depressed, anxious, scared and frustrated, and you continue to help me through the rough spots.

You have extraordinary patience, compassion and understanding for people; and your love and encouraging and positive energy is Saint-like!!

You’ve taught me invaluable tools and strategies, so when a negative mind-set creeps into my head, I can immediately diffuse it and instantly convert that negative thought into something positive – just because I CAN!! IT’S MY CHOICE!! That concept really woke me up, and on top of that you further made me realize I’m CHOOSING & DOING depression – now how crazy was that!?!?!?

Because of your coaching, I’m now focused on steps forward and how to get to my goals. Other professionals have tried to help me before, and for the first time ever, I’m truly motivated and am actively transforming my life!!

As promised, I will check in with you weekly on steps forward that I’m taking.
I know you both will be straight up and honest with me if I need some adjusting with the “tough love” and passion for transformation that you are so awesome at delivering!!

Thanks again for your time, wisdom and knowledge; and most importantly for your commitment to me as my life coaches.


Mary Sanderson / Professional Grandmother, Retired Teacher & Business Woman

My attitude is now more cheerful, allowing me to create more positive experiences for myself and others who touch my life.

I consider myself a successful woman with lovely family and many friends….so why did I find MoJo Coaching sooo helpful and invigorating???

After your coaching, I realized I had not been truly in touch with my neglected inner spirit previously…. however outer spirit always seemed fine….so why did I find your MoJo Method so inspirational and useful in all the aspects of my life???

I now think of the universe as a positive reservoir of hope and goodness to feed my soul….this has been very helpful to me. Also now that knowing my positive or negative thoughts and behavior makes up a lot of what comes back to me makes me feel more powerful as I confront difficult times.

Your MoJo Coaching also set my spirit free to live and love without the weight of past regrets. The regrets were sincere but carrying the weight continually weighed me down and interfered with my energy level and positive outlook on life.

My attitude is now more cheerful, allowing me to create more positive experiences for myself and others who touch my life.

It seems I can make difficult decisions more easily now…I don’t seem to get mired down in right or wrong and good or bad decisions. For me, life in general took on a more loving and meaningful environment. I realized fear of one’s limitations only creates the very limitation, I myself, impose on me.

Your coaching techniques have truly helped me avoid many of the difficulties I used to face as well as create the positive strength and focus I needed for success.

My Mojo Coaching experience has been powerful and very useful in improving all aspects of my life.

Angela P. / Marketing Specialist

Through MoJo Life Coaches’ coaching, I identified my purpose in life and literally annihilated those pesky “limiting beliefs” I had going on in my head that were holding me back from pursuing my dream career.

MoJo Life Coaches helped me re-ignite my dulled MOJO, and I am living FULL-OUT forever more!!!!

I came to MoJo Life Coaches to help get me “unstuck” in my career which I allowed to dull my spirit. I built a consulting practice 10 years ago and was recently feeling unfulfilled, unchallenged, and not serving my purpose in life.

Through Steve & Elaine’s coaching, I identified my purpose in life and literally annihilated those pesky “limiting beliefs” I had going on in my head that were holding me back from pursuing my dream career. With their laser sharp guidance, I created an exciting and empowering career that is seamlessly aligned with my purpose.

I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders, and I’m now dancing FREELY through this journey called life, with a re-ignited spirit that is on fire!!! On any given day when I drive with my convertible top down, you will now hear me singing “This Girl Is On Fire” by Alicia Keys!!

From the moment we first met, you immediately created a non-judgmental, safe, confidential and encouraging space from which I was able to share both my fears and dreams; and most importantly, the strategies and insights you shared within that safe and encouraging environment allowed me to catapult my life forward with fearless courage. It’s as if the wisdom you share flows seamlessly from the depth of your souls and not from your heads.

I truly thank God for you both and for your God-given gift of the brilliant insights that helped me unleash the power within me. Your extensive Tony Robbins training coupled with your innate gift and personal approach, makes the MoJo Duo my newest BFFs!

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