The key to mastering your Belief Blueprint is to notice when you feel resistance to something new and to re-train your brain.

So real quick I’m going to share 3 ways we teach our clients to Re-train their Brain For Success:

1. Be aware of your thoughts and ask yourself, “What was I just thinking?” What was I focusing on?

Notice that your Belief Blueprint is taking over if you have any of these thoughts:

~ I can’t…

~ I’ve always been like this…

~ It’s too difficult to do…

~ I’ve always failed to…

~ I don’t want to do this anyway…

I call these thoughts “shut down systems,” and they support and actually boost your Belief Blueprint that has been sabotaging your progress for years and maybe even decades!

So as soon as you notice these “shut down” thoughts, immediately acknowledge them, and don’t judge them.

As soon as you become aware of these thoughts, you can immediately start to re-write them. And before you know it, your rewritten thoughts, become your new Belief Blueprint.

A simple way to re-write your thoughts is to insert “3 Magical Words” at the end of any disempowering thoughts, and those 3 words are: up until now.

For example:

~ I couldn’t… up until now. (de-clutter my home)

~ I was always like this… up until now. (10 pnds overweight)

~ It’s been too difficult… up until now. (to loose weight)

~ I’ve always failed… up until now. (in relationships)

~ I didn’t want to do this … up until now. (new project)

2. Become balanced by breathing and create a Mind Movie:

If you find that your Belief Blueprint challenges you with diversion, discouragement, and DANGER ALERTS, immediately STOP and take a deep breath.

A deep breath puts you back into balance, allows your brain to recalibrate, and opens up your creative center. The next time you feel stressed, anxious or tense, immediately focus on your breathing.

We also teach our clients to vividly imagine the situation they desire. Create what I call is a “Mind Movie” in your head using all your senses. You’re the Director of your Movie called your life, so it can be a romantic movie, a comedy, an action thriller, or a horror movie! You get to choose!

The funny thing is our brain doesn’t know the difference between what is REAL and what we tell it is real, so use your imagination and play out your dream life in your Mind Movie.

3. Take Immediate Action.

If you backslide and think an aspect of your vision seems impossible, take a quick second to ask: What can I immediately do with what I have, from where I currently am?

There’s no such thing as the “perfect starting point”, the key is to start from where you are and “course correct” along the way. If you never start you can’t perfect your path! And remember it doesn’t matter how big or small an action you take, just get moving!

Taking action sends a POWERFUL signal to your subconscious mind that you are truly changing your life, and your belief system says “okay got that signal” and then aligns with the action you’re taking. This is how you retrain your brain!

So, take immediate action, no matter how big or small, toward your dream from wherever you currently are.

For example:

~ make a phone call

~ do research on the Internet

~ transfer some money into a savings account

~ sign up for a class

~ enroll in one of our programs

Immediately take a step with what you have; your future self will thank you for your courage to go for your dreams. 🙂

Over the last 3 Mondays I’ve been summarizing our 3 Proven Strategies to Punt Procrastination, and I can only cover so much via email…so to dig deeper on this topic, be sure to listen to the 3 videos inside our Clutter-Free Academy under the “Core 301” tab; and if you’re not a member yet, enroll now at:

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