So many of us get overwhelmed and lost in our “To-Do List” and the day-to-day activities and stresses we take on from our external environment. We tend to focus on everything and everyone other than ourselves! And for many of us, we are “people pleasers” or feel we must BE who we think we MUST BE in order to be loved, acknowledged or appreciated.

WARNING: this is a recipe for stress, anxiety and frustration. Because it’s not what we receive from others or how we are perceived by others that makes us happy. It’s who we become along our journey of life. It’s the manner in which we live our lives and the person we become along the way. The Universe can take away all of our “things,” but who we are as a person … no one can take that away from us.

So I invite you to connect with YOURSELF. This is a MUST not a SHOULD. You’re not being selfish; (in my opinion) it’s actually your divine duty. You see, when you connect with yourself you discover your God-given gifts and unleash the passion within you and your purpose in life. When you turn the telescope inward to discover these things, then you can contribute to others and add more to the world around you.

Some of us just got stuck in old beliefs and patterns of perhaps not feeling good enough (which is a popular one that I too sometimes struggle with!). So to break free of those limiting beliefs, here is a powerful way to create a deeper connection with your authentic self and being happy.


If you ask a disempowering question, like “Why do bad things always happen to me? then your brain will find evidence to make you right, your subconscious may say something like “Because you aren’t good enough” or “Because you are not smart enough.”

So what you want to do is ask yourself empowering questions, such as “How can I view this situation as an opportunity for growth and self-mastery?” By asking this empowering question your brain will find answers that make you feel better AND allow you to connect with your authentic self.

It’s vital to shift toward asking quality questions, because quality questions create a quality life. They guide our mental focus and as a result they dictate how we think and feel. The key is to create a list of questions that empower your authentic self.

For example, ask yourself these 7 POWERFUL quality questions

In my life right now…

• What am I grateful for?
• What am I happy about?
• What am I excited about?
• What am I proud about?
• What am I enjoying?
• What am I committed to?
• Who do I love?

When you routinely ask these type quality questions on a daily basis, your most empowering emotional states will be at the forefront of your life. And the best news is over time, you will rewire your brain and create new neuro-networks that fire and wire together producing: GRATITUDE, HAPPINESS, EXCITEMENT, PRIDE, JOY, COMMITTMENT AND LOVE! And come on now…let’s be real…as human beings we all desire these emotions and feelings at our deepest level.

So it’s real simple…just ask those questions and allow your brain to AUTOMATICALLY fire and wire together those new neuro-networks and watch your MoJo’licious life unfold.
Shoot me a comment below and let me know the answers to your above quality questions!
In the meantime, we’re sending you MoJo’licious Love,