Procrastination is rooted in something inside you that’s blocking your innate, infinite power, making you feel reluctant to take action, which prevents you from achieving your goals and dreams.

That something is what I call “Belief Blueprints”

Belief Blueprints are the old beliefs that you learned during your childhood. They’re the habits that protect the status quo, the mindsets that make positive changes feel foreign and uncomfortable, and the fears that alert and warn you that if you try, you are destined to fail.

Your Belief Blueprint speaks to you when you grow. It doesn’t speak to you when you’re in your comfort zone.

Your Belief Blueprint Has 3 Secret Weapons That Derail Your Dream (So I’m going to Guide you on How to Reach Your Dream Anyway)
1. Diversion: 

Your Belief Blueprint won’t bust through the doors of your mind screaming, “Wait!  Stop!  Don’t take those steps toward your dream!”  It just automatically kicks in and diverts you!

The second way your Belief Blueprint sabotages you is through:

2. Discouragement:

How many times have you thought about clearing out your guest bedroom so that you could create an art studio or crafting room and maybe even sell your works of art!  WOO HOO.  But before you lift even ONE box to declutter that room, you found yourself saying, “I’m busy enough as it is. I don’t want the added stress of starting a business. The increase in income won’t make that much of a difference.  My art/craftwork isn’t good enough to sell.  You know, maybe I don’t want to start my own business anyway.”

Then the goal you set for yourself was forgotten, and you never accomplished it, despite the fact that art is your passion and it is your God-gi ven gift you could share with the world!!!

The challenge is that your Belief Blueprint knows everything about you. It remembers all the times when you didn’t do what you said you were going to do. It has access to all your forgotten dreams, failed attempts, and unaccomplished goals.

The third way your Belief Blueprint sabotages you is by shouting through a megaphone:

3. DANGER-DANGER ALERT/Your fight-or-flight reflex:
If your Belief Blueprint can’t block you through diversion or discouragement, it’s going to try one last thing. It’s going to trigger a “DANGER ALERT,” or your fight-or-flight reflex, which is tough to ignore. You’re going to feel an uncontrollable or illogical fear, which has the capability to stop you dead in your tracks when you take steps toward building your dream.

When you’re in a state of DANGER ALERT, you can’t think intellectually or rationally. A part of your brain called the amygdala sends a signal throughout your body that you are in danger and death is possible.  In this fight or flight state, all the blood rushes to your extremities and away from your brain, so you either freeze, flee or fight.  So it comes as no surprise that when you take steps toward achieving your dream, your heart feels like it’s beating out of your chest, you become flushed, frazzled, or panicked, and have no idea why.  You literally feel like you’re gonna die because your brain is telling you that you’re in danger.

So ready for the good news???

When you feel uncomfortable, fearful, doubtful, or conflicted, that’s actually a good sign!  It means your Belief Blueprint is kicking into gear and trying to pull you back toward the familiar, and the only time it does that is when you are making progress!!!

So don’t let procrastination paralyze you!!!

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